A National Day to remember – Adventurers brave the Empty Quarter

Events had been set in motion
whose echo would be heard a thousand and
more generations from now’. – J VALOR

Since the beginning of time, humankind has been captivated with the idea of ‘expedition’- a desire to inspire and push oneself to the limit and past the limitless horizon.

One such extraordinary exploration is now being planned by 3 modern-day adventurers to celebrate the Sultanate of Oman’s 45th National Day. ‘Crossing the Empty Quarter’ is an ode, to the first ever Empty Quarter crossing that took place exactly 85 years ago, and to the iconic and silent beauty of the world’s largest sand desert – Rub Al Khali.

Omani nationals Mohammed Al Zadjali and Amour Al Wahaibi, along with British explorer Mark Evans, will embark on this challenging two-month journey, departing from Salalah/ Oman on December 10th and walking across the desert to Doha/ Qatar – a grueling journey of 1,300 kilometers.

Inspired by the 1930 crossing, the expedition team will travel solely on foot and by camel, in the hope of inspiring young Omanis to overcome daily challenges through hard work and perseverance and reminding us all that the power of the mind remains the only place unconquered.

Follow their adventures here