Are you team print or digital?

Z-LogSeeking attention is today’s name of the game and recent advances in technology surely give the impression that digital is the way forward to achieve that goal. But is it, really?

Ever since the 1970s, when a digital watch was a prized possession because it told the time – as opposed to making the wearer guess the time before that one split-second of comprehension when reading the dials – digital advancements have more and more grown part of our lives.

One might think that, in the digital world of today, the same could be said for the long-standing debate of print vs. digital media. That traditional advertising in magazines, brochures and books has “grown old” and lost relevance.

Well, we’re here to tell you that that is not the case. Print media is, in fact, the new digital, working hand-in-hand with all the enhancement the digital revolution offers. From better graphic design, to publishing layout and advanced printing techniques, the list of improvements that print media benefits from through it’s partnership with digital is sheer endless.

Take this article, for example. It began with scribbles on a piece of paper, was put together on a laptop and now lives on digital blog. Whether you literally or digitally bookmark it, the choice to read it will always remain yours.